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What did I do last week you must be wondering? Well Monday I had to miss aqua Zumba as I wasn’t feeling to well. Tuesday I did spinning class which I am starting to enjoy so decided on that day that next week well this week I would do spin on  Wednesday to to up my gym intake. Wednesday I didn’t do much apart from went on a walk with my local walking group. To help me try and make friends. I am soon going to start looking for a gym buddy so either before or after my classes I have someone to go up in the gym with to stop my mind wondering get thinking people are looking at me. I get paranoid quickly and then it puts me of so, I end up leaving half way through my excise.

On Thursday I had zumba which I am not getting any better at. I may start practicing at home there are loads of videos on YouTube to follow. Though some teachers do the class different to others. Like the teacher who takes the class when the other one is of. On Friday was my nieces sports day I arrived at her school at 9:30 just in time for it all to start. She did really well in the first half. I even got to have lunch with her what was in error we all sat out on the field eating are lunches by this time is when I was thinking to myself I wish I had sun lotion as my shoulders were starting to go red. After lunch they did the flat races my niece was only picked to do the obstacle race which she did very well in. It finally finished at about 2:50pm where I then went to wait for her to come out to take her home. By this time I had notice my legs where a bit red which don’t normally happen so,I was a little shocked at this. I suffered from at little bit of heat stroke and found it very hard to sleep that night as I couldn’t find a comfy spot as I was burnt to a crisp.

On Saturday I rested and started to make a batman which I was going to give amy on Sunday when I went to my mums but I didn’t get it finished and I didn’t like it either. Sunday I went to my mums house as my nieces hannah and amber was there. Forgot to mention I made amber peppy pig and George which she loved. I spent most of the time chasing amber about and getting covered in her dinner. Hannah was so sweet she rub my after sun on my back for me every time it got sore.

I am going to tell you what I did today as by next week I may have forgot. Today involved me playing sims 4 and going to aqua Zuma which was a lot better now the normal teacher is back. I am now sat up waiting for me to book next weeks Tuesday spin class. Which is what I got on tomorrow as well as pick Mia up from school. I have still not lost weight but have lost 2 inches on my waist. Hoping to lose more even if it takes it time. Well I am going to leave it here. If I don’t write before throw back Thursday see you then xxx