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Today used to be follow Friday but instead I thought why do what everyone else is doing. So each week on Friday I am going to post 3 things or people I think you should go and look at.

First person I would like you to go and check out his a lad called Mikey Bolts. He is a YouTuber. He does various blogs on YouTube but the ones I found him by are his character voices. In my opinion he is amazing at doing the family guy voices. He has also taken songs and done them in the characters voices. So if you want to check him out click here. You can also follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

The next person i would like you to check out is Marc Corn. He is another YouTube. He tells you about is day to day life and also does a few cover songs. He also writes blogs as-well, as blogs. I have really enjoyed reading his books and his blogs and listening to his songs. You can find him Youtube, blogsBooks, Twitter and on Deezer etc. by searching his name.

The last person I would like to introduce you to is Andie Case. Shes a pop singer form Marysville, WA. I found her by someone posting one her videos on the internet. I think she has a great voice and picks some great covers. She aslo does a mix up of other songs together so check her out here, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

I hope you enjoyed checking these people out three more next week

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