Weekly Monday

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First I would like to apologies for this being late. I wasn’t feeling well yesterday so, I couldn’t post anything and was in bed 9pm only woke up. This week I have not done much. Monday I went to aqua Zumba which I am so, glad it’s our normal teacher I didn’t seem to get a good workout from the other teacher. Tuesday I picked my niece up from school and then went to spinning class which I really struggled with this week. Wednesday I was meant to go to spinning class again, but it was cancelled due to illness and they couldn’t get cover. Thursday I went to Zumba which I really struggled with as well I am hoping it’s a one off as really need to lose this weight. Friday I went and picked up my niece Hannah from school as I need to drop her prezzie of as Saturday as it her birthday can’t believe she is 8 yrs old already the years go by so, fast. Saturday I didn’t do much at all. Sunday I went to my mother’s for dinner and my partner helped my dad put the roof rack on the car ready for when we have holidays. Well that is my week I know it’s not much. Hopefully this week will be better.

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