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So, on Friday I went to Adventure island in Southend with my Niece Hannah. I had the worst start to the morning I was rudely awaken by a plug hitting my just above my eye, which steals hurts today. We started the day with our breakfast and then went to the town center  with my other half before we went and got on the train. When we got to the train station we only had to wait five minutes for our train to arrive. We decided on the train that we would go for food before we went to the Adventure Island. We both had Chicken sandwiches from my McDonald’s. Hannah ate most of hers.

When we arrived at Adventure island I didn’t think the ques would be as long as they were, but I remembered they have more than one ticket office and walked down to the next ones which wasn’t as busy. We had already paid for are tickets via Basildon Hospital. You get them for half the price and some of the money goes towards the children’s a A&E department. So, all we had to do is hand over the voucher for them to give us are wristbands. I had paid for blue bands, which means we could go on all the rides. We firstly went on Green Scream, which is a roller-coaster for middle band. We had to wait a little while to get on most of the rides, but as the day went on the ques got shorter. Hannah manged to get me on the pirate ship which I hate, but I really enjoyed it. We also went on a ride called vortex. Which I didn’t mind. Normally she can’t get me on too many rides, but she did well this time.
We left the park at about 8pm where we went and got our dinner where she had chicken nugget happy meal and I had a big mac and we both got a cheese burger each to eat on the way to the train station though Hannah saved hers until we got home, but we also, discovered that they had given us an extra one so, I had that when we got home. Hannah was that tired she fell asleep sat up write in between my sofas. I love spending time with my nieces on days out when it’s just the two of us.
Another blog will be up at some point this week about other things that I have been up to so, Bye for now