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So, I said there be another blog but I bet you didn’t think it would be this quick. Well for this week i want to try and do them daily as I am not near a computer next week. So, these daily ones may be short or if not done much then nothing. Today I haven’t done much. I have been trying to sort my phone out as it decided to tell me it was full when i had not put anything on it and had deleted all my messages but still it was full. After i manged to get that sorted I made mine and my partners dinner which today I made vegetable spaghetti bolognese which i put cheese ravioli in it to add something into it other than vegetables. Got to say I only seem to eat vegetables if I have a vegetarian day. This evening I have been to aerobics which I have been putting more and more effort into my workout. Over the last couple of weeks I have put a little of the weight back on and I want to take it back of again and keep it of. So, after I get back next week there is no more snacking and I will be having 3 small meals a day and if I need a snack to snack on something healthy like fruit. Tomorrow I have a day off but I have to pack for Saturday.

I have also forgot to tell yo all that i have dyed my hair I am no longer purple. I decided to strip the purple out my hair which took 2 hair strippers I used i color stripper from savers can not remember the name of it. It made my hair have a ginger tint to it but was no near my natural colour so, me being me i left it for just under a week and then put a blonde dye on which made my hair slightly ginger. I waited till my hair was dry then I put the last blonde dye I had but it just went a brighter ginger with blonde roots. I don’t get why my roots go blonde but soon as it gorws longer it goes ginger. I then decided to tone the ginger down i will have some pink highlights put in. I decided to trust my mum to do this bit as I would duck it up if I did it my self. To me it come out good What you guys think?

Pink Hair

I am hoping you all like it. I am thinking of going all pink in a few months as i really like the color. I just remember i Used color mask cool blonde and neon pink highlight kit. Mum also decided to do my hair in blocks but i have more blocks on one side of my head to the other. It still looks good to me and it could be fixed by getting another highlight kit and she just fills in the gaps but for now I am just going to leave it. Well I am going to leave you know and go and get into bed as my back is starting to hurt and i am getting sleepy. Night everyone