Fitbit Charge Hr

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I recently upgrade from my fitbit flex to a fitbit charge Hr. The fitbit Flex only counted your steps and told you how you slept at night and with using the app you could log your food so it could tell you how calories you had burned off during the day. Lucky I didn’t have to pay £119.99 for my fitbit Charge Hr my brother was selling his so, I got it off him for £46 which was a great deal ,but if it come to it I would had of paid to get it new.
The fitbit charge Hr has a PurePulse heart rate sensor which as long as you are wearing the band it picks up your heart rate. It’s only not picked mine up twice and that was because I had the strap done up to lose. It also tells you when you have hit heart rate zones when you look at the screen the first heart that is not filled is normal rate first heart filled is fat burn  and then second heart is cardio zone and last heart is for peak zone. It also tracks your steps, the amount of stairs you have walked and the distance you have done. You can also see who is ringing you on the watch and also see what the time is.
When you sync it to the app you can add your excise. By this if you go online and view your stats you can see how you heart rate did in the and now how you need to improve so you can burn more calories. The fitbit charge HR automatic tracks you sleep and records it so you can see how much sleep you have actually had. It syncs to your phone by bluetooth and your computer by the wireless dongle.
I  prefer this watch even to the Samsung watch that I used to have. It’s smaller and the app is a lot easier to use also the battery last a lot longer. I would recommend the fitbit to anyone in a few months I may even get the charge which has the GPRS tracker in it. Well that’s my review on the fitbit I would give the fitbit a 8/10 just for the fact I have a reaction to the material its made out of. Thanks for reading.

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