Am I doing too much?

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So, Today I went to the gym to do my normal aerobics class like normal but my back went while doing a squats. The teacher told me to stretch it out and then join in again which is what I did. Then we started to do more squats and again my back went so, after that I decided not to do the squats any more. I spoke to the teacher who said because I have had a week off as, I was away on holiday that I am pushing myself too much and that I should take it easy this week but I am not sure as now as I have had a sit down it feels okay. Yesterday I did zumba which went okay. It wasn’t are normal teacher as, She was on holiday.

Tomorrow I have spin class which is the one that cancelled while they waited for a new teacher. Which I am guessing they have got as I don’t recognise the initials for the class. I hope the person will understand why I am taking it easy in the class then pushing myself tomorrow. On thursday I have zumba again and then in the evening I have another spin class. Friday I was meant to be going to the gym but I have got to fit in going to have a blood test done. I had a gallbladder attack last week while I was away and it made me feel very sick and it lasted for a couple of days so, I went to the doctors who have said they need to check my liver and if any problems with it will get the hospital to rush my op. If not I will have to wait till its my turn which could be well over a year as they class gallbladder as none life threatening so, know is just awaiting game just hope they are not to long.

If you haven’t checked out my hoilday blog click here. I did a video this time for it as I thought it would be easier then trying to write what I did as, I did so much. Just got to remember next time to take my camera as it was the main thing I forgot this time so, had to use my phone to do eveything. The one downside is I wanted to post things while I was there but I had to wait till we were off camp or at the club house as there was hardly any signal at all.

Well I will let you all go and I will try and get a blog up tomorrow if not see you for throw it back thursday

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