Friday 18th September

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Today I got surprise in the post well I wouldn’t say it was a surprise I know something was coming in the post but didn’t know when. The other day I told you about the hair dye I got that was the wrong colour well this arrived today 12011253_512689508897620_4091845059761570709_n

My goodies from the company that mixed up neon pink hair dye with blonde. In the case is a mixing bowl some clips to separate your hair an application brush and one glove. I didn’t really get why there was only one glove. I was going to go have my bloods done but thought with having my nieces tomorrow I didn’t want a sore bruised arm so, I am going to go on Tuesday morning. Instead I went to my mum’s so, she could do my hair for me. So, far when I have done my hair its gone through so, many changes over the last few weeks here are some pictures and the last picture be what it is now

when it was first done
Muck up with the blonde
how it is now

I am really happy with how it is now I have three more hair dyes left so, I will keep topping this up as it fades. I have not done much more today as been at mum’s for most of it. I did put up my check it out friday blog so, please go and check it out. Until tomorrow night all beauty

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