Sunday 20 September 2015

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I would like to apologise for no blog yesterday I had my nieces Hannah and Amber stay and by the time Amber fell asleep it was midnight and she didn’t have a good sleep. Yesterday we went to the local carnival that my other niece was taking part in. It was a good day and they did so, well. When we got back we had dinner then the hard work started Amber’s bedtime. She couldn’t get comfy in her cot so, I let her get in the bed which she did she fell asleep until me and Hannah went to bed where she woke up and wouldn’t go back to sleep. So, I moved her to her cot with her cup of milk and just after midnight she shut up talking and fell asleep. I still didn’t get much sleep I never do when both girls are there I don’t go into deep sleep I think its my minds way of saying no if you go into deep sleep if one the girls needs you want wake up. Amber woke up at 7:30 where I posted some books into her travel cot to read so, Hannah could still sleep. At 8:30 she got bored so, jumped into my bed and watched peppa pig until about 9 where we all got up.

I also found out over night that someone has stolen my carnival pictures and are using them as theirs this is why I am not posting them to my blog yet as I am now not posting any pictures without them being watermarked first. It’s not far when you have gone to the effort to go to the event and get pictures for someone to go ahead and steal them. In fact it has upset me little. So if you know any good watermark software please let me know so, I can check it out until then any events photos will not be put up on here.

My nieces left at lunch time where I had some lunch and then I went for a nap as I was so tired and was falling asleep eating my lunch. My partner woke me up when we had to pop out. When we got back I started watching nut job but fell asleep again woke up near the end of the film. Since then I have had my dinner and watched x factor which I am finding boring this year but i will continue to watch as it may get better. Any way I am going to go as started to feel very sleepy again and got to be up early as got a visitor tomorrow. Bye-bye for now

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