Smart beauty Neon pink hair dye

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I have been using smart beauty neon pink to dye my hair. I did start before using this by dyeing my hair blonde as its meant to work better than on dark hair. I did use another company’s blonde as I need it permanently to stay blonde for it to work or at least ginger as that is what it went. When I first used it I got my mum just to put some streaks in as I wasn’t too sure about having it fully pink. In the box you get an application brush , pair of gloves and the dye in sachet. You would need to get yourself a mixing bowl which could be an old bowl or if you go to your local pound shop they do the mixing bowls there which comes with extra brushes. My used the medium size brush so, she could put thinker pink streaks in my hair. You will also need tin foil to wrap your hair highlights in as it helps develop and so, you don’t get any on the hair you do not want to get them on. You can also use cling film which is better as you don’t need to keep opening to check it.

The leaflet tells you that you should do 48hr reaction test to make sure you do not have a reaction to the dye. If you don’t do this you could end up having a serve reaction where you could end up in hospital but I really need to follow my own advice as I haven’t done a reaction test since the first time I dyed my hair which was a very long time ago. You also should do a strand test as well to determine if you hair is suitable for the dye. If you hair snaps then it’s not suitable and you should not use this is also a good way to find out how long you should leave the dye in your hair. Let’s pretend I did all of above as your meant to.

My mum started by mixing the 2 sachet together in the bowl, It should go a bright pink colour. She started front to back picking random sections of the hair and cutting down the tin foil so, we could wrap the hair in, We left it for 30mins and it was still not done so waited another 10 minutes. After we washed it out it was very bright in colour

once it was dried
once it was dried

my pros and cons to this dye are


  • Easy to use
  • bright in colour
  • non drip


  • It only lasted max of 8 washes though on box says up to 30
  • The amount of testing you have to do
  • chlorine will pull the dye out of your hair

when it was time to top up the highlights I decided to do this myself. The dye in the dye when i mixed it came out the wrong colour but i just thought oh they have changed it so, not thinking about it applied it. When I washed it out my hair was blonder then it was. So, we put a complaint into the company and they sent me out four new hair dyes of neon pink. so, I got my mum to do half a head style using the all over dye which is better to use as there is no mixing to do but you still need the tin foil for it to develop and here is a picture of my half head colour which I am in love with 12016581_512786798887891_1726326013_n Even after the mistake I would still highly recommend this product as it’s so bright and easy to use and with it being non drip the only way you would dye your clothes if you touch your own clothes. I will be giving this product 8/10

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