Operation Update

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My operation went well. Though all I can remember is going down at about 9:30am and been woken up at about 11:30am. When I got back to the day unit all I wanted to do was sleep so, they left me to sleep to come round more before offering me any food that I couldn’t eat as my throat was so sore. They gave me a lot of juice to drink which I think they are regretting as, before I was due to go home they gave me a jelly to eat and I only took one sniff and I was sick i covered the unit that was in front of me. they gave me some water to sip before I was called to go I was told to try and eat when I got home and that is what I did. I forgot to mention they gave me my gallstones in a tube to keep. to me they look like maltesers. They will be 2 pictures at the end of the blog just in case you want to see what holes i have which are covered and the gallstones just incase you have never seen any before.

Today I have just been resting on the sofa and I have eaten more then I have been from sandwich to chocolate and even crisps. I had a little nap earlier now i am watching my soaps then i am going to have a early night. while my other half watched the football. Well I am going to leave it here and hopefully get more post up soon until then here are the pictures i said I was posting

My gallstones


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