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Not well

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Today I have not been feeling too well I was sick this morning and then something set my ibs off this afternoon. It’s been one of them days where I have spent some of the day asleep on the sofa. It has just come to me tomorrow evening I can take my plasters and the strips off so, I will finally get to see my cuts underneath but I am thinking of leaving it till Wednesday but I will see how I feel tomorrow.

Yesterday I went to my mums for dinner. I did spend most of it on marcs PlayStation playing big little planets with hannah. Who looked after me I didn’t even ask her but she went off and got me a drink. Hoping by friday I have more movement in me as I am off away to wales to see my friends which I can’t wait for. I also finished a penguin I was making will post pictures at the end of the blog. My cockatiels all 6 of them are doing great my partner made a toll roll tub tower before and Mr pippa decided to fly into and knock it down. Well I am going to leave this here and do some more crocheting I am actually finishing a blanket I was making ages ago. So, bye bye for now