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Tuesday 13th October

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So, Today I got up at about 11am, but didn’t feel like eating after my sickness yesterday, but my partner decided to make me something after his nap as he was up most of the night and was up early this morning. He made me a pasta snack pot which set off my IBS. Before this i started to take my plaster and strips off, where I thought one was infected so, I got my partner to ring the doctors so, I could go and get them checked. I got appointment with a nurse for five o’ clock. When I went to the doctors I saw a nurse who said I am healing nicely and there were no signs of infection but to keep an eye on them.
I had a little bit of enough with my doctors though they have taken all my medication of repeat that even includes my asthma inhaler so, I have had to request it put on repeat as well as my IBS medication to be given which I cannot see happening. I have also been playing The Sims 4 today just to pass sometime. Tomorrow I am thinking of going for a little walk just to get out for a little while and to try to get my fitness up a little. I also have decided to give it a little while before I show you my cuts from my operation as some are not fully closed yet and look horrible. I have also got to get the rest of my holiday stuff packed lucky I have a wonderful partner who will help me to get it done. Well I hope to put another blog up tomorrow to let you all know how I am doing. So, bye-bye until tomorrow x