First day of Holiday

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So today is the day we travelled to North Wales. We are staying on a camp site called Ty Mawr it is owned by Park Resorts. It is a little town called Towyn. We got here at about 2pm and got straight into are caravan that is meant to be for 6 people but is more for the borrowers. I actually found it okay to travel then I thought it was going to be a struggle to sit for hours but it was fine. Probably because I was asleep for the first half. We stopped for a little while at Corley services were we had some of the picnic that mum packed.

Not done much since arriving went shopping where I got myself some new pyjamas and some snacks. When I got back I went to reception to get some more pillows as we all only have one each and I find it hard to sleep with just one. In tomorrows blog I will add pictures of the caravan and stuff its too dark to do it now and too cold. I have also been taking the mick out of Sue and my mum which we have had a really good giggle at I will soon be going to bed as we up early in morning to go to Tir Prince market not sure what else we are doing other than that. So, I will chat to you all tomorrow bye bye for now

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