2nd day of holiday

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Hiya everyone today we got up and had are breakfast what was fry up. We all got ready after breakfast to go to Tir Prince market. We had to pay £2 just to park. We would of walked but Sue can not walk far. Its also been cold today so, we had to wrap up really warm. From the market I got a new top and some fudge. The fudge is all different flavours, The flavour I have already tried is red bull flavour it only slightly tasted like red bull. Mum got salted cameral flavour and that just taste slightly weird and salty. When we got back I went to the shops to get some lunch as I didn’t fancy anything that we had in. After I had my lunch mum decided she wanted to go to the shop so off I went back with her. When we got back I did some crocheting. After a little while mum decided it was time to make dinner. Today we had Pork with new potatoes, carrots, stuffing balls and gravy. They also had cabbage but I don’t like it. For desert we had strawberries and cream Yum yum. This evening we were going to go out but none of us could be bothered so, have decided to chill at the caravan instead. Not sure what we are doing tomorrow think we are going to have a walk to the beach. All photos from the holiday will be put up at the end of the week as I don’t want to use much of the data plan for my portable ee box. Well I am going to go and do some more crocheting or something before bed I will chat to you all tomorrow Night.

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