3rd day of holiday

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Today we started the day by having are breakfast which was a fry up again. After breakfast we went for a walk but got little while then got a phone call saying we could go and visit my partners mum and dad so off we headed to theirs. It was good seeing them. After we went to asda to pick some bits up then come back to the caravan. Where mum made dinner which was chicken in chicken and mushroom soup. Mum said it was an old weight watchers recipe and it was really nice. After I had wash up we went for a walk round Rhyl just to get out for a little while. So, far since getting back we have watched telly had some nachos and just chilled. so, far I have really enjoyed this holiday even with Sue keeping me up at night chatting away. Tomorrow I think we are off to Prestayn. Not been there for a while. Not sure what we are doing after that I may go for a walk to the beach and get some photos or walk round the camp and get some as I haven’t got many yet which is not like me. I am already for bed but I am not going yet but I am going to leave this blog here until tomorrow. Night everyone

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