4th day of holiday

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Today we started the morning with a healthy bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes. We had already decided we were going to go to Prestayn market. So, off we went in the car. When we got to the market we noticed that you didn’t have to pay for the parking or to get in which is strange cause all markets we have been to we either had to pay for parking or to get in. At the market Sue got me some colouring books for adults which are really good and take hours to do.I brought the tea and coffees at the market which was a £1 a cup I was also hungry at this point so decided to get myself a cheese hotdog with onions which was very tasty. After the market we went into Rhyl which at this point 3 of us need the loo and the nearest ones that opened was the town hall toilets which cost 30p to use. I remember when I lived in Rhyl it was never that much . I do know though at some London train stations its 30p but I expect that in London but not in Rhyl. We did a little bit of shopping before we went back to the car but before we got in the car we went and had a look at the sea. Which I have got some photos off which will be posted at the end of the week. When we got back to the caravan I spent my time colouring in one of my pictures from my colouring book which I have not finished now but will finish it tomorrow. For dinner today we had pork stir fry for dinner which was very nice. Well I better go know before Sue tells me off for keeping her up as it is half 12 and we should be asleep so, night everyone

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