5th day of holiday

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Today was a good day it started with a unhealthy breakfast of a fry up. After that I had to get ready as I was going to see my mates Shell and Joe which I was so looking forward to as I hadn’t seen them since their wedding in April. I got the first bus into Rhyl which is a bus that is very helpful as it told you what the next stop was so you know when it was your stop. I didn’t get the bus straight away to shell’s and Joe’s as I wanted to pop into the pet shop to get my birdies a treat for when I got back. When I went to get the bus to shell’s and Joe’s the bus had broken down so, had to be taken out of service until it was fixed but they didn’t have another bus to replace it. I then txt Joe who gave me another route to do and he would meet me at the shops where I was to get off. So, I wouldn’t get lost going to theirs. We had a good catch up and I wanted to steal their dog Roxy she is such a sweetie and so cute. I managed to get the last bus back into Rhyl and then catch the next bus to ty mawr. when I got back to the camp I had to sort the internet out as it was not working . Which I have still got to sort dads out which I will do tomorrow before going to meet Shell’s mum and dad. This evening I have finished my colouring which I will post a picture of tomorrow as not got one yet on my tab which I am writing my blogs on this week. So, I do apologise now for any spelling or grammar mistakes as I haven’t got my spell and grammar checker here. well tomorrow I am off out again so, better go and let Sue sleep as, she is starring at me while I write this so, night night everyone

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