6th day of holiday

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Today I got up and had a fry up breakfast I had already got dressed so, I could be out on time as I was going to meet Dot and Malc for lunch. They are my friend Shell’s mum and dad who I see as mum and dad who helped me out and stuff when I lived in wales. I actually arrived I was there early. For lunch I had Hunters chicken, chips and salad which is one of my favourite foods then for desert I had a cookie brownie with chocolate sauce with ice cream and it was very yummy. After that I went for a walk with them round the shops before getting the bus back to the camp. It was nice to spend time with them. this evening I have been helping sue with computer stuff and then I had a shower. I am know about to chill and watch the rest of pitch perfect before I go to sleep as up early in the morning so, night night everyone hopefully Sue don’t keep me up all night talking

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