Wednesday 28th October

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Sorry I haven’t wrote a blog since the 6th day of holiday blog. I didn’t get a chance to write my last day blog as was busy and on Saturday we were travelling back home and the most that happened was that Sue had a fall which we thought was just a bruise bit turned out it wasn’t. It turns out that she has broken her leg and may need it pinned. I  really hope she’s going to be okay. Should know more tomorrow as my mum and dad are going to visit her and take her some stuff in. Since Saturday I have also had hannah here. We have been to the park to feed the ducks but there was only a Swan there and couple of Moorhens. I also made her hat but it’s never going to fit her. I even followed the adult size and still came out too small. Today we have been to my brother Jeffs for his birthday which was yesterday so, Happy birthday Jeff (not sure if he reads my blogs) it was nice spending time with them all and seeing all my nieces dance trophies that she had won at the weekend. She got 8 trophies all together with one being a first in rock and roll. Really proud of her. Hannah today sang for the first time in front of us all and she made my mum cry. I tried filming it but my phone is playing up and didn’t film it she did really well. Well I am going to go sleep now so, night night everyone

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