Busy busy busy

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Sorry I been so, busy I haven’t had much chance to write a blog and i am going to get even more busy over the next few weeks. On Saturday it was halloween so, I took my niece Hannah out trick a treating. We started round my area which she managed to get just under half a bag of sweets. We also headed over to my other nieces Mia’s so we could walk out with them. Hannah had nearly a fall bag buy the time we had finished round there. Once Mia went in we headed back home but did another way round so, we could do more trick or treating on the way home. We got back and split the halloween sweets between her and her sister Amber. Here are some pictures of the night.

Hannahs sweets
Hannahs outfit
My face paint

On Sunday hannah went home and I dyed my hair so, its no longer pink. Here is a photo of my new colour and what it was before

before and after

On monday I had a meeting with my carer advisor who gave me some ideas on how to go about meeting new people. I had already looked into finding a crocheting group but couldn’t find one. So, I am now in the middle of setting my own up crocheting club. There are loads of people who are wanting to learn I am just hoping i don’t go too shy and can not do it. Its also what I have been doing today is sorting things out going to finalize things tomorrow and then rest till the weekend where i need to start making beginner tutorials for people who can not make it on the days i have set. Also on monday I start the gym again so, I am going to be busy busy. I defo need to start back at the gym all the weight I had lost I have put it all back on so, hopefully with going back to the gym I will lose it again. Oh and Marc my brother has got engaged to his gf Kayleigh so a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to them. This is were I am going to say goodbye and talk to you all soon

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