Saturday 7th November

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Today I have been out and done some shopping. It first started with me buying my own domain name so instead of people coming to the WordPress link you can now all save instead. If you have ever wonder why everything is little llama it was and still is to some people my nickname from college it has stuck with me since. I have also been asked on many of times what is my natural hair colour as I haven’t been my natural colour for i don’t know how long so I thought I would share my natural colour with you all

natural hair
My natural hair colour

I really miss my natural hair hopefully soon it will be back. I went to Primark today and got myself a christmas t-shirt which I will be wearing tomorrow. Tomorrow I am off to my mum for Sunday dinner also got videos to make which isn’t going to happen now till Monday. I am back at gym Monday and can’t wait. I know this is sort but I have nothing more to write so, I will talk to you all tomorrow bye-bye

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