Monday 9 November

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Sorry there was no blog yesterday by the time I got home from the mother’s house I was soo tired and could not think probably that I wouldn’t of made sense writing the blog last night. So, yesterday I played big little planet’s. We also went to Barleylands Farm shop to pick up some food and some pop. Mum made roast beef for dinner what was yummy. I still had to stay up late to book the gym for the week after.

Today I didn’t get up till gone 11am I really must of needed my sleep. I started the day by having a bowl of porridge which i may have to stop eating i felt mighty sick after. I tidy up my bedroom today and can not wait to get into bed some i can get into the nice clean bedding. I went back to the gym tonight and did the zumba class it went okay just got take it a little easier. I am back at the gym now on thursday so get a little rest. I also got a phone call from the library so, I will be starting my crocheting club in 2 weeks time. Which the Monday before I have a coffee morning to see what people want to learn and so I can see how many can crochet two. Well I am going to go and go to bed as I am very tired so, Night everyone

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