17 November 2015

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Well I am sorry that not been blogging I have felt so ill recently. I am still feeling a little sick which I am hoping passes soon. Today I am going to be doing my first crocheting video tutorial which when I have done it I will post on my blog. I am hoping that these help people to pick up some crocheting before my first class a week tomorrow as I am getting nerves as the day comes nearer.


Got my landlord coming today to have a look at where the leak is coming from. We know its coming from are loft just not sure if its the roof or something else. We been told not to use are bathroom light as the water is coming through the fan which is connected to the light. I am not sure what else the landlord wants to do only time will tell.


I got to also find some video edition software all I have is the one that comes with windows. Just hoping I find one soon. If anyone can suggest a good at the moment free one please suggest it by leaving a comment. I have to do school pick up shortly and really don’t want to go out as the weather is just rubbish today. With storm Barney heading over. Don’t get why they need to name are wind storms but they are.


Yesterday I went to Zumba which I really enjoyed and I will be back next week. I have also booked into aerobics next week which I am looking forward to getting back to hopefully it doesn’t kill me. They should be on a whole new routine which I will never of done. Though Zumba had only done a couple I don’t know. I may have to go back doctors in next couple of months as there is still one stitch from my operation is being stubborn and will not disoval. Well I better stop writing now and get ready for school pick up and I will talk to you all later. So, bye bye for now.

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