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Rhyl Christmas Lights 2015

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So, On friday I went to the christmas lights switch on in Rhyl. I went to see a fabulous girl group call CherryBomb. If you can’t remember who they are you can check out the other blog I wrote about them here and the question and answer here but before I tell you about them I better start from the start.


Rhyl Christmas lights started at 3pm which I thought was a bit weird as schools hadn’t even finished yet. It started with the co host matty performing some songs as well as introduce the host from Heart darren. after that was a male duo who I can not think for the life of me their name but they were good.  Next was cherrybomb and you can see their performs below

I really enjoyed their performance and thought they were just amazing. Even when Katie mic went she still carried on even if you couldn’t hear her. I really can not wait to see them again at Hyde Park . Its going to be amazing. I have already got their original song girls girls girls in my head I really love it. Hurry up 17th December so, I can see them again.


After them was Tom bleasby who was amazing to.  I am just going to finish this with the photos from the day