Monday 30 November 2015

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Today is the last day of November meaning there is only one Month of 2015 left. I still think this year has gone so fast. Can’t believe that in 25 days I will be at my mums celebrating christmas. I think as I am getting older that life seems to be going quicker. I wish it would just slow down a little. Sorry I seem down at the being of this blog I get like this when the weather is poo or I am just having a down day.


I went and watched my niece in her school assembly about ww2 which was very good and we got tea and cake thought i didn’t have any tea I just had cake. Which probably isn’t doing my diet any good but at the moment I am just keeping up the exciser I will sort my eating out after christmas. I also went to the gym for Zumba which was fun even with pain in the bottom of my foot. I should really go and get it checked but I am too busy in my life at the moment if it gets worse than I will get it checked. This evening I have caught up on cherry bombs girls You now chats. You now is a place where you can  hangout and meet new people. If you would like to check them out on there they are back on tomorrow at 6pm so look here or keep checking the twitter and don’t forget to follow them to. So, you can keep up on their amazing journey.


I also forgot to book my Zumba for next week so, I am on the waiting list hopefully I will get a place if not I will have to go up to the gym 🙁 which is not what I want to do. Right I better get going as it is Now the 1st December and I am getting sleepy. Night everyone



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