Tuesday 1st December 2015

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Only 24 sleeps till Christmas.


So, as you can see I have started the countdown to christmas has started. Even though I don’t want this year to end as it seems to have passed so much but I can not wait for Christmas. I know I know I said this yesterday. Today I got to play on Sims 4. Then it was time to go pick Mia up from school. We stayed at hers for a little while. I had gym this evening but before my class Cherrybomb Girls did another younow so, I used the gym wifi to connect so, I didn’t have to use my last little bit of data I have left. They let us listen to some of their original music which was very good. After watching that I went into aerobics. I didn’t stay in aerobics for the full class I had to leave because I keep getting pain in the bottom of my foot. Its stopped since I have rested it. Well I know this short but I am tired and got crocheting club in the morning. Talk to you all tomorrow Night Night


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