Saturday 5th December

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20 sleeps until christmas


Sorry I posted on Wednesday that I would blog on thursday but I have been in so much pain with my foot it’s been a nightmare but all I have to remember is that come Monday hopefully it will be sorted. Thursday I didn’t do much. I got a new coat from Sainsbury’s which was a bargain it was marked half price and then they also gave me 25% off so, I only paid £15 for my coat which is very warm. It will keep me warm this winter.  This weather is changing and getting colder.


Today we have been to my nieces to help her but her christmas trees up. While we listened to some christmas music to get in the christmas mood. I know up the top it says 20 sleeps that’s cause I haven’t been to sleep yet I should really head to bed as its 00:30 in the morning.


This evening all I have done is chilled and listened to some music on soundcloud and YouTube. Talking about YouTube and just incase you missed it CherryBomb have uploaded a new cover video which I will post at the bottom. I also found Charlie Puth YouTube I wish I knew about him before he did the song Marvin Gaye with Meghan Trainor. He is really good. If you not heard of him just serach his name in YouTube.


Right I am of to bed night everyone below is the video of cherrybomb.


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