Monday 7th December 2015/ Tuesday 8th December 2015

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Monday 7th December 2015

18 sleeps until Christmas

Today I have been to the doctors today. I wanted them to sort my foot out as it’s been in so much pain and been getting pins and needles  in it. The doctors gave me a sheet on exercises to do which I have had before that don’t work so, he has also sending me for physio where they should give me my arches that I used to have in my shoes. I also went to zumba where my foot only played up when it came to walking home it hurt. I had to stay up late to book aerobics for the following week.  There is no zumba this thursday morning as they are having the gym floor replaced but saying that there is no class in that room until friday so, think its going to be a big job. I do understand why they are replacing the floor it is in places very bouncy and there is gaps near the wall. Just don’t get why its happened as the gym has only been open a year. Oh well means why they are doing that I can’t go to the gym which means I get a lay in and I also  means I can get some stuff done I need to get done.


Tuesday 8th December 2015

17 sleeps until christmas


Well today I got up a little later than normal but that’s also because i didn’t go to bed until late. Once up I had some peanut butter on toast with a nesquik hot chocolate pod that my partner got me for christmas he gave me some of them early to make sure I liked them. I got say they only issues is you need to put one sugar in them to make them taste right oh and I forgot to mention that you need to get them imported  as they are not sold in the U.K. You can get them from places like amazon and ebay. Oh and need a dolce gusto machine.


After my breakfast I played on fifa manger 11. Yes I am a few games behind but that is because I can not see the point of buying the game each yeah when you can edit the game files so, you play the game like todays games any way. I have managed to get the football team Preston North End into the premiership and into the top half at the end of the season. I have just started the 2nd season in the premiership hopefully it goes well. I also had gym this evening which went well I only got pain in my foot as it ended so, I sat and stretched it out before I left. Tomorrow I have crocheting club so, I am going to say good night and I will chat to you all tomorrow.


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