Wednesday 9 December

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16 sleeps until christmas 

Today I have been to crocheting club were we did some more squares for the blanket we are making. Then I came home for a little while and chilled before going off to do the school pick up to bring Mia to mine so, she can play on Sims 4. While she played Sims 4 I made some simple daisy Simple daisy

Which I then decided to make another one to make it in to headband which looks something like this 2015-12-09 17.24.23

What do you all think? leave a comment in the comment section. It must be good because as soon as I had made my one Mia wanted one straight away so, I sat and made another one. After dropping her off home I have been listening to a Cherrybomb girls again and writing this blog. I think I am going to go now and play a bit of Fifa 11 before bed and stay up and book gym for next week. Good ting about this week is even if I am in bed late tonight I haven’t got to be to early as no gym tomorrow. Well any way I will chat to you all tomorrow.

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