Winter Wonderland 2015

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On thursday I popped along to Winter Wonderland in London but this was mainly because I wanted to go and see Cherrybomb but I did get see most of winter wonderland as I went into the wrong entrance as we were told that it would be quicker to get of green park i think it was I can not actually remember as, so much on that day. Me and my partner got split up on the way by someone who stood in my way so, I couldn’t get on the tube but caise he still had hold of my and it got trapped in the tube door. We thinking that it would just reopen and that would be it. It didn’t the tube set off with my partners hand still stuck in the door. We already have plans if we ever got split that we would meet at next station so, that is what we did.


We reported the incident at are get of station who gave us a phone number to ring to put in a complaint. As we walked down to winter wonderland my partner rang the number and put in his complaint we are now waiting for them to get back to us. When we arrived at winter wonderland we went straight in to try and find the arctic lodge and to get a drink. When we found it we looked at the drink price and decided we would just get a ot drink each as the prices were a little bit high. Then I bumped into Cherrybomb girls where I gave them their Christmas card and present which I have not got a photo of but you may see the present in the photos as my partner made them a badge each.

When they came to perform they streamed it live on younow. I really enjoyed their performance and really miss them already. Below is the pictures from the day and if you go to the end there is a playlist were you will find 3 videos from the day and the rest from there youtube and ones from other gigs and I am sorry about the photos camera’s where playing up


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