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Celebrities Deaths 2016

This year we have seen so many celebrity deaths I hope they all rest in peace and they are never forgotten. Just in case you missed any here is a list JANUARY January 10 David Bowie, 69 Rock icon January 14 Alan Rickman, 69 Actor January 18 Glenn Frey, 67 Eagles rocker January 23 Jimmy Bain, […]

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Nearly Christmas Time

It’s nearly that time of year. Christmas time seems to be most peoples most stressful time of year. Running around trying to find those who are close to you something they would like for Christmas but I think actually why should be running around getting people what they want or spending fortunes on people. I always […]

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Over the years I have noticed how one day you are friends with someone who you see day in and day out but you soon drift apart for one reason or another. The ones that are your true friends are the ones that stick by you not matter what or how far away you move away. […]


Finchey and Mollie

I just wanted to post about Finchey and Mollie our two finches. Finchey was found in someone’s garden nearly dead we took him and fed him and gave him water. With the way he was acting we didn’t think he would make it to the morning but he did. We read online that they hate […]

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Simple Heart

I have made a new crocheting pattern. I have made a simple Heart crocheting pattern which you can be found here. I have put it down too intermediate but if you know double crochet, triple crochet then you should have no problems. Please tell me what you think   I have also insert the instructions […]


Crocheted blanket

Recently I have bought some wool from Aldi and was thinking of what to do with it. So, I decided to make myself a blanket out of it. I only got one pack which had four balls of wool in the pack which I thought was going to be enough using a 6mm hook but after […]

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Too hot

It’s 10pm I  have decided it’s time to go to bed as it’s alt cooler in my bedroom. Well that’s what I thought I am actually boiling hot. The weather here in the UK normally cools down in September but it hasn’t it feels like we our in the middle of summer. It’s meant to […]

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Mr Gitt

If your wondering who is Mr. Gitt is its a fictional character from books my brother and his friend Steve write. They are about a moaning old git that complains about everything. If you would like to get the books you can get them on amazon, iBooks and google store. They have recently been turned into a mini […]