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Sorry I have been quiet in my blog writing I could blame it on being busy which I have been with christmas and New year. I have started writing a blog about my cockatiels which should be up soon. I just got to finish writing it. Today I have been looking after my niece Mia as she has had an inset day at school. She spent time on my PlayStation and on my computer playing sims 4 before we headed of to the gatehouse cafe. Today was crocheting club day. We have a new member join us today which was great. I also went to the gym this evening. Today’s class was Zumba which was really good. I have an issue with my lower back at the moment which I have had since christmas day eve and was worse on boxing day but as I thought oh my back feels much better today I will attempted Zumba today I now actually say it went okay I got a few twinges in it at the end. I will see how it is when I get up in the morning.


I am actually wondering if in a couple of weeks should I go back to spin class. Well if I can get in the gym has gone very busy again due to everyone’s new years resolutions. Mine this year is just to eat healthier. Which I am going to do once there is no more chocolate in this flat. I haven’t seen my mum since Christmas day but this is cause she’s been ill with a cold/flu and 2 infections and I don’t want to catch them so, I am staying away but GET BETTER SOON MUM. She always seems to get something this time of year. I have been lucky and only had a slight cold before Christmas.

Roll on Wednesday when I should get my new laptop. The one I am using is slowly dying and I did break it a little when I dropped it on the floor so, when it closes it closes wonky. I am not going to drop my new one but it can’t be bad as I have been down the stairs on a laptop before. It was an accident I was going to meet my mum and dad outside my flat when I lived in Rhyl when I turned to my partner “be careful the stairs are slippery” a second later a fell down the stairs from top to bottom on my laptop. My partner didn’t know whether to laugh or come and help me. Lucky he did both and helped me up. We didn’t think to check the laptop until I got into car. When I checked it my laptop screen was okay and everything was okay apart from my back.


Well I am getting sleepy so, should really go to bed before I fall asleep and sorry this is up so late I get easy distracted when writing blogs. Anyway Night everyone and if you would like please check out my YouTube channel I have started posting gaming videos from when I play the Playstation. Night everyone

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