Wednesday Illness

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I have spent most of my day feeling so ill and not being able to eat but I have been keeping my fluid intake but I have managed to eat this afternoon which is good. I should be back to normal by tomorrow morning. Though I have cancelled going to the gym just to be on the safe side.

I played Sims 4 for a little bit to try to keep myself from falling asleep.  I do need to get myself a USB mouse as I am finding it hard with my laptop mouse it’s very sensitive. Unless I can found the setting to turn it down. Since the graphic card setting program installed itself it has picked the better settings for Sims 4 so, they are a lot better.

This evening I have watched Eastenders and the storyline at the moment is about Kat having twins when she had Zoe. I don’t get why you wouldn’t know you have given birth to two children I really don’t get it. Oh well they can do a lot of things in soaps like bring people back from the dead and much more. We have been watching Mr Bean since Eastenders has finished. You can’t beat a bit of Mr Bean, I remember watching this when I was a kid and I can be very emotional. We were watching the episode where Mr Bean’s car gets run over by the tank and for some reason when I was a kid it just made me cry. Looking back to that now I always say to myself why did you cry it was just a car.

I feel like I am just waffling on in this blog today. I am going to finish this one here and go and finish my one on my cockatiels so keep a look out for that one it should be up in next couple of hours or tomorrow. Good night my follow readers

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