Thursday 7th January 2016

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I am still ill with a nasty stomach bug and its now starting to annoy me a little bit whenever I go to do something I have to stop just to go to the loo which is horrible. I had to cancel picking up my niece again which I hate doing but there was no way that I could have made it to pick her up. So, I haven’t done much at all apart from sort the dirty laundry out and but the clean on my bed ready to put away. I have had a little bit of food but just the look and smell of it makes me feel very sick which is very annoying especially when you’re feeling very hungry.

I found a new setting on my laptop last night which turns my usbs on when I plug in a usb. Which means if I am just charging my phone I don’t have to switch on my laptop any more just to charge my phone which is better. Looking out the window I can see that the weather is rubbish today. The wind seems to be strong and it keeps raining. I am feeling do rough I could do with a nap. Sorry this is going to be sort I am really not well and may go for a lay down. I am later going to try and finish the cockatiel blog so, until then bye bye

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