Friday 8th January 2016

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Today I am still ill being sick a few times. I was meant to go with my partner to his appointment but I only made it cross my car park and across the road before I was sick so, I was sent back home. I fell asleep as soon as I got home but I couldn’t get warm at all I ended up putting my coat on just to try and keep warm. When my partner got back he made me some toast as I hadn’t eaten wish actually made me feel a little bit better. I also finished the Lucozade I had been drinking and changed it to some cranberry juice which has made me feel a bit better than drinking Lucozade. I still feel like I can’t get warm but I should be fully better over the next few days hopefully by Monday as I have crocheting club then and it will be rubbish to miss one. Only like to miss them if I am away which isn’t very often.

I am wondering what I should write for my next blog? I am starting a secret project which cannot be shown until the person’s birthday or they will know what they have got. Well if it goes right. I am trying to do an afghan blanket for the first time. I have found a website where you can make your own afghan graphs. For those who will want to check out the website here is the link After this one I will be starting the one on my cockatiels which is going to be fun. As I have not been well the cockatiel blog has been pushed back again. I am sorry for this hopefully by Sunday the blog will be up.

Well I am not sure whether to go to bed or not. I am sleepy but can’t understand why as I have had loads of sleep over the last few days as, that is all I have been doing in between everything else. Well I better let you all go but before I do I have seen many people on Facebook and twitter and stuff complaining that there or their new partner’s ex’s have split them up or trying to how about they shouldn’t be trying at all and if you do get messages saying your girlfriend or boyfriend has in boxed me saying this. Ignore it. It will only make you paranoid and end up splitting up which is more and likely what the ex-wanted to happen. If you feel like there is an issues discuss it between you and leave it of social media sites as it only starts more issues. Any way that is that I am going to go so, talk to you all tomorrow Night Night

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