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I am so sorry for the lack of updates but I have been a little bit on the ill side. I am going through test to make sure I have no infections or anything else as for well over a week i not kept anything in my system. In fact yesterday when I went for bloods it took two nurses just to find a vein as I have been too dehydrated but today I seem to be okay but I did have this last week were I had one good day and then bang it hit me again. I am hoping to be back writing these blogs but for now I will update when I am feeling good.


I only went to the gym once last week as thats how ill I felt and only just manged to pick my niece up from school. I got one more test to do and hopefully get my results from them all a week after. Then I can see what they are going to do from there. Well going to leave this short. Also don’t forget to check out the merch page. Chat soon 🙂

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