Pancake Day

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Today is Pancake day and yes I had pancakes with lemon and sugar yum. I really should be in bed as got to be up earlish for crocheting club. Which I am looking forward to. I have also set up the extra date today for people who work and can’t meet during the week. I am going to start thinking of subjects to write about to go along side my daily blog but not too sure what yet. It maybe news related or something but we will see. I am also going to move the subjects I don’t write about any more so they are all together. I do love showing you all my crocheting stuff. If anyone can give me tips on how to not feel stupid talking to a camera that would be nice as I really want to start vlogging my day as some what I do can be fun maybe I could make videos a weekly thing. On my YouTube at the moment is manly me playing on the PlayStation want to find some way to stream games to my YouTube but not sure what I will need. I have got a programme I use for my you now which if you follow me on twitter you will now when I go live (twitter links at bottom). I am also realising how much I need to see my friends some I haven’t seen for years but have stayed in contact over txts, Facebook and snapchat. I do miss just hanging out with them. I miss all what we got up to. Sneaking food into are classes as well as drinks. Playing with a bouncy ball down the corridor and are days and nights out (even if one night did end up with me in plaster as I chipped the bone in my wrist). Now one friend lives in reading and the other ones up in north wales and I am in Essex so I don’t get to see them as often as I would like. Any way I better go I am getting very sleepy Night readers

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