Tiring day

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Today I woke up all achy and with the biggest headache. This all started last night when I went bed with a sore throat so, we went out this morning to get something for my throat. I got black currant flavoured soothers. Which are nice. When we got back I sorted my bedroom out while i waited for my niece Amber to arrive. We decided we would take her out for dinner so, we gave her a choice and being a 3 year old she chose to go to Burger King. It was nice but bit disappointing as you know have to pay for most of your sauces but still give you a massive hand full of tomatoe ketchup. We then decided to ring my brother Jeff to see if he was at home so, we could take Amber over to see him which she really enjoyed. When we got back we facetimed my other brother Marc so Amber could talk to her sister Hannah as Hannah is stopping at my mums. Now Amber is asleep snorring her head off and I am wondering to myself how can I move her slightly without waking her so, I can have a little bit more bed oh and how can a 3 year old take up so much room? Any way I better go to sleep as no doubt she will have me up bright and early good night everyone

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