Monday 7th March 2016

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Back to blog writing even if I just post once a week. I really want to give this a big try and do this. Well I have spent most of my time busy crocheting I made my mum a fantastic scarf for mother’s day which was yesterday here in the United Kingdom.

Here is a picture of her wearing it I think she liked it she kept telling

What do you lot think. I used my own pattern but I had used a pattern called c2c (corner to corner) to get me started and then I decided to change to yellow when need be. I think I did 7 rows of the red colour and 4 of the yellow until near the end where I just did it the red colour. It also 2 scarfs’s crocheted together as I made one and it wasn’t long enough so made another the same length to make it longer. I am now making my niece a pink scarf in the same pattern just without changing colour which I will write about once it has finished. Tomorrow is my turn to pick Mia up from school and take her home which reminds me a better find my keys so we can get in. I did have them earlier but can’t remember where I put them down. My mind has been like this now for a couple of days where I forget what I was doing but I get this sometimes and then go back to normal I just need time away on the things I have been doing and then it will help. Sometimes all it is I have too much on my mind which I cannot shift for a while but it will soon pass once the stress is passed. I am going to go to bed and chill as up early as got to go to town and then tomorrow afternoon while I am picking up my niece my partner is taking Lola to the vets for a check up. So night night everyone

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