Weather is getting warmer

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Now that we are in March the weather has started to get warmer which I am enjoying so much want be long and we will be in the summer months. I am hoping for a hot summer this year which will be very nice. I feel like as the weather warms up I will be out a lot more especially now I have a bike I can go on bike rides. I will soon have an action camera for my bike. I do have one but I have misplaced it somewhere so have ordered a cheap one of eBay.

My partner has got himself one of them Kodak 360 action cameras which are a nightmare to get the video on YouTube but once you get the hang of it all is good. I will post a the link below so you can go and have a look. You can drag the screen around to see different angles and if I your phone you just move your phone about to get it to move. wondering if there might be a cheaper version of it out as the videos are great.

I want to start making videos but I don’t actually know where to start or anything like that I may start by doing a video on my crocheting stuff or animals as that’s the to things I love the most. when I get my action cam and I go away and stuff cause it can be attached to me it will be easier for me to record stuff for you all to see. One thing i do have planned is next time I go to a theme park I want to take it with me and use it to film on the rides. Which I have seen people do.


I feel like I haven’t wrote a blog in a long time mostly at the moment it is finding things to write about as the things I have been up to are not things that can be blogged but i will start finding something to blog about. any way its time for me to hit the hay but before I do that I better get some leaves made for this project i got to finish will post pictures once finished and what the project is for in another blog. So, Night everyone

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