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Breydon Water

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Last week I went away to Breydon Water near Great Yarmouth.We didn’t have too good of weather but that’s what you get for living in the Uk. I Thought I would show you in pictures some of the things we did but I didn’t get many photos so, I am going to post what I did get

As you can see we got to see Basil Brush while we were away and he was absolutely funny. We also got to see Danny Foster and the big soul corporation which was just amazing. Danny Foster was in the group Hear’say. I would recommend going to this camp to anyone the staff are really friendly and the walk down by the broods is just stunning. This was our 10th time coming to this park and can not wait to go again. It’s one of Park resorts better parks.

Well I am going to leave this here I hope you enjoyed this post and I will chat to you all soon.