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The last time I put up a blog was when I went to Barleylands Farm park for my niece’s birthday which she had a good time at since then I been away for a short break to Martello beach which is in Clacton not far from the sea and was okay well as okay it can be. When we got into our caravan we noticed first of all that there were ants running all over the floor and we were missing some cutlery so, off I went back to reception to report all this. They said they would send someone with the bits we were missing and someone to sort the ants out. which they did sort with putting an ant bait box down. While away we went into Clacton town centre and to Walton on the naze which was a nice day out. We also went swimming which was good at busier times you had to book the swimming pool but we can see why as the pool wasn’t very big. it was nice to just get away and rest.


Wednesday this week I went to Hannah’s sports day which first started out with picking her sister up before going to have lunch with her at the school. Hannah did very well and even came 4th in her flat race which was very good. the only issue I had with sports day is hardly any shade so, got very burnt in fact, we are two days on and I can still not lay on my back as it hurts but I am sure it want to be long until it’s healed in the meantime I just got to look like a big tomato while the skin heals.


Well, i am going to leave this hear and hopefully, I have more to write about soon.

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