Hardest Thing

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The hardest thing I find hard after writing blogs which I am all sure that you all are aware of as it takes me weeks to write one. the next thing I find difficult is my weight. I have been going to the gym now for nearly two years and I have only lost 6lbs. every time I get my weight lowers it goes straight back on again which is so annoying. maybe it’s because I no longer doing the spin class or could it be that I don’t do any weights. all I do is cardio which is 3 classes of two Zumba classes and an aerobics class in the middle. I think  I need to start thinking about going up to the gym and doing a proper workout. the only issue I have about going up to the gym is I always get a feeling that people are watching me. I am sure they don’t and I am just imaging it. it doesn’t stop that thought going through my head and then i go all panicky and stop my workout but I got to start pushing myself or I am never going to get this weight off. I really do like going to my classes which I am fine doing but do sometimes get a feeling people are watching me.

Hopefully, my plan on what I want to do happens I can’t keep letting my problems get to me. I need to do this for me and only me.

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