Adventure Island Southend

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On Sunday 7TH of August I took my niece Hannah to Southend Adventure Island. I didn’t tell her that is where we were going I told her that we were going to have a picnic with nanny, Marc and Hay. While walking to the train station I decided to go live on Facebook so, people could see her reaction she was more upset that she wasn’t seeing her Nanny then anything, but once we got on the train she started to get excited about going on all the rides. When we got there we went and met Marc and Hay at their train station as they came in on a different line to us. Once we met up with Marc and Hay Marc needed to get some food so, we headed for McDonalds so he could get his breakfast. Hannah also got some pancakes which I helped her eat. We then headed towards Adventure Island which wasn’t open yet, but we had a little walk to the far end gates where we watched the entertainers rehearsing for the day’s entertainment. At 11am they opened the gates and we went straight in to get our wristbands. My niece decided that because green scream wasn’t open yet that we attempted Rage as our very first ride I have never ever been on Rage so, I didn’t know what to expect, but we did it. I hated the drop on the ride and the loop, but after that it was good and I would go on it again, but maybe when Hannah is a little bigger as, she moved forward with the drops and got thrown back in her seat straight away so got knocked a little, but has said she would go back on, but when she is bigger.

We went on the water slides we did a couple more rides before we went for lunch at KFC which was very nice. After lunch, Marc and Hay went off and did their own thing while me and Hannah did even more rides. We also got loads of slush puppies for our drinks as it was a very hot day. We left at about 8pm as, we were both getting very tired. We walked down to the train station with a quick food stop at McDonald’s before heading to the train station to catch the train home. We got home for 10pm. Where we both got cuddled up and in bed and went to sleep as, we were both so tired. Lucky we didn’t have to be up early in the morning. This isn’t the only day I went to Southend I also went on Tuesday  16TH with my oldest niece Mia. Which was nearly the same day, but I was not feeling well as I had a shock in my dinner the night before which I will be writing about soon. I didn’t let that get in my way I stilled tried to enjoy the day. I even went live on one of the rides, but the phone signal is not good so kept cutting out so, i have decided that next time I will take my action camera, but this will probably be next year now. I am also waiting for a reply back from Adventure Island as I wasn’t happy with them binning donuts just because they were not donuts shape, but they have plenty of homeless walking around the park who could off had the donuts or of sold them as missed shaped donuts. I know I didn’t care they were the wrong shape and Mia didn’t either. I will let you all know how I get on with that one. Any way I am going to leave this here and say night and sorry it has taken me a while to write this blog and goodnight everyone  


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