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I just wanted to post about Finchey and Mollie our two finches. Finchey was found in someone’s garden nearly dead we took him and fed him and gave him water. With the way he was acting we didn’t think he would make it to the morning but he did. We read online that they hate being on their own so, we went got him a friend Mollie. they weren’t even in the age 20s and they were busy. That was about 3 months ago. They are now sat in their nest box sitting on 4 or 5 chicks as we know the eggs have hatched we just can’t get in to see them probably but I am going to post some pictures below of the chicks and Mollie and Finchey. We still not decided what we are going to do with the chicks. I want to keep them but my partner thinks we should rehome as we already got enough as with the finches we also have 7 cockatiels.