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Over the years I have noticed how one day you are friends with someone who you see day in and day out but you soon drift apart for one reason or another. The ones that are your true friends are the ones that stick by you not matter what or how far away you move away. I have found out a lot who my true friends are and their the ones that have stuck by me and been there when I have needed them. When I have been down and needed someone just to listen they have been there. I have some friends that have been my friends for 10 years or more and would defiantly say that not all of them are my true friends but I do know out of all of them I do know which ones I can count on if I ever needed them and which ones wouldn’t. Instead of getting upset that you have fallen out with why not just make new ones that what I did and have been happier since. I would also remember that you should treat people how you would want to be treated and remember that even though you have spoken to someone in a while doesn’t mean you have fallen out they have live’s two and could just be busy.

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