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On Saturday (28th Jan 2017) I had a slight accident. I actually don’t know how it happened but I will tell you the story.

It started with me wanting to put my cockatiel to bed they have to be slightly covered or they will keep shouting until they are. So, I climbed on the sofa as the cage is too tall for me to reach and all of a sudden I felt I bang to my head and my elbow was sore and I was laying on the floor. I cannot for the life of me think how I got from the sofa to the floor but did notice I smacked my head on a table as well as my elbow. My partner came to help me as I was holding my head. My oldest cockatiel bobby was still out as she was waiting to go to bed and all she wanted to do was getting to me to. When she did get to me she gave me a big cuddle like she was saying you will be okay. I have still today got a slight sore lump on my head and cannot lean on my elbow or crochet as the pain has also moved into my wrist. I haven’t been to get checked but don’t rush no more as I have broken it twice already and don’t want it to happen again. Don’t fancy sitting in plaster for 6 weeks. Got doctors Friday so giving it until then to ill if still bad I will get her to look at it and probably send me for an x-ray which will be quicker than sitting in accident and emergency. It seemed to of easier of early but it’s now hurting a lot so, going to go to bed and rest it.