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Hi readers, today I thought why not write a blog while I am sat in the library while my partner goes to his appointment. Which also means I miss crocheting club which I am never happy about. Well yesterday I went with some friends for lunch we had a fab time and then we went over to swallows aquatic centre. They have two parrots that live there. Buddy the African grey and they also have bobby a blue macaw. They are such lovely birds I could take them both home but the shop will not sell them at all. Which is shame but I do have my cockatiels and finches so really shouldn’t get any more or I might as well move out as there be no room for me. I am going back there tomorrow so I will get to see them then. 

At crocheting club we have already picked our secret santas so know it’s just needs me to think what can I make for the person I have but going to keep it a secret of here to in case my secret santa reads this. I am also img having a big clear out at home and while doing that I am finding a lot of half made projects that I really should get finished before I make any more. I am also not happy as I stood on the scales yesterday and I have only gone and put weight on. Which means stricter diet is going to have to happen just to help me I think. I am off to the gym tonight to do aqua Zumba which I can not wait for it’s going to be fun and it’s always a laugh. 

I got a new PS4 game on Friday crash bandicoot. It has all 3 games on it from when I was kid. While playing it it brings back so many memories I also seem to get stuck on the same parts that I got stuck on as a kid which takes me ages to get past. Which is the annoying bit, but I will get there. I have also been play Harry Potter lego and have completed years 1-4. When I get back to playing that one which will be when I have done all my clear out at home. I do go live on YouNow and YouTube when I play the PS4 so, if you go over to the YouTube link you can see some of the stuff I play. As, we are on the subject of YouTube is anyone else getting fed up of seeing click bait videos. There is one you tuber who is really doing my head in you watch his video and it has nothing to do at all with his title of the video. It’s got to the point now where I don’t watch his videos as he done my head in that much.

I have started using my instagram a bit more now so if you would like to check that out click here and my snapchat is bloglittlellama which is also my twitter name so come give me a follow. I better end this here now as my partner will be coming out of his appointment any moment so, bye for now.

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