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At the moment I am sat in a library waiting for my partner to finish his appointment. I have found a new app on my tab that i am trying out to write my blogs. So, far so, good. I tried a new drink today called jolly rancher soda got it in blue raspberry flavour. Which tasted really nice. It is a shame its really bad for you and has no natural flavours in it its all made by artificial flavourings and is full of sugar. It is imported from America which is probably why the price was £2.50 a bottle. I do like to try American foods and drinks prefer some of it to the uk brands.


I been having a lot issues with my ibs which in couple of weeks when its time to do a big shop i am going to gluten free stuff to see if that helps with the bloating. I really hate having ibs when its really bad it stops me from enjoying myself as medication doesn’t help at all. I have also said to my partner instead of buying processed foods i would like to start making them instead so, we can start eating a lot healthy. I am also going to up my gym classes even though i am not meant to be going at the moment due to a heel injury which will hopefully soon fix its self as its getting really hard to walk. I am hoping its a lot better by Saturday as i am going on a day trip with my nieces and my friends little boy. I am taking my mum for extra hands as we going to adventure island for the day. Which does mean i am missing crocheting club. On Sunday i will be able to post to you what i have been making as i have finally finished it and it goes to its new home. I am hoping he likes it i really am. I have now got to make a llama for one of my nieces who decided the other day when she grows up she wants to marry a llama. Then she asked me to make her one. My sis who’s having another little girl maybe waiting a while for the blanket to be finished lucky baby not due until October so got plenty of time.


Well hopefully you not got too bored reading this and come back soon 

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